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17 May 2008 @ 04:09 pm

抢救人员发现她的时候,她已经死了,是被垮塌下来的房子压死的,透过那一堆废墟的的间隙可以看到她死亡的姿势,双膝跪着,整个上身向前匍匐着,双 手扶着地支撑着身体,有些象古人行跪拜礼,只是身体被压的变形了,看上去有些诡异。救援人员从废墟的空隙伸手进去确认了她已经死亡,又在冲着废墟喊了几 声,用撬棍在在砖头上敲了几下,里面没有任何回应。当人群走到下一个建筑物的时候,救援队长忽然往回跑,边跑变喊“快过来”。他又来到她的尸体前,费力的 把手伸进女人的身子底下摸索,他摸了几下高声的喊“有人,有个孩子 ,还活着”。 经过一番努力,人们小心的把挡着她的废墟清理开,在她的身体下面躺着她 的孩子,包在一个红色带黄花的小被子里,大概有3、4个月大,因为母亲身体庇护着,他毫发未伤,抱出来的时候,他还安静的睡着,他熟睡的脸让所有在场的人 感到很温暖。 随行的医生过来解开被子准备做些检查,发现有一部手机塞在被子里,医生下意识的看了下手机屏幕,发现屏幕上是一条已经写好的短信:

“亲爱的宝 贝,如果你能活着,一定要记住我爱你。”



When the rescuers found her, she was already dead. She was kneeling, her body bent forwards, her two hands were on the ground - propping up her body; it was almost like she was praying, except her body was bent out of shape.

Just as the rescue team was about to leave, someone suddenly yelled "Come back!" They returned to her corpse, someone reached out a hand under her body. They rummaged for a while, and then shouted. "There's someone there. A child! It's still alive!"

Carefully, they cleared the rubble around her, and retrieved the child beneath her body. He was wrapped in a red blanket, covered with yellow flowers, only 3, 4 months of age. He was completely unhurt, protected under his mother's body. And when they took him out, he was slumbering peacefully.

A doctor unraveled the blanket to examine the child, and found a mobile phone. He glanced at it absent-mindedly, noticing the screen bore a short message. Tears ran down his cheeks as he read.

"My dear child, if you survive, always remember that I love you."


The above is a true story.

Please just take a moment out of your - no doubt, busy - lives to pray and feel for those who've died, lost loved ones, and still waiting for news.

Burmese cyclone. Sichuan Earthquake.
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雁falls_whisper on May 19th, 2008 03:06 pm (UTC)
:) I'm sure he will. He mustn't let his mother die in vain.