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11 April 2008 @ 04:44 pm
Bleach 166: "Don't hurt yourself anymore."  
Lol, yaoiness_kokoro, I really do seem to have gotten into Bleach mania lately!! ^^; But it really is so wonderful... <33

Bleach 166, "Don't hurt yourself anymore".

One of my favourite IchiHime scenes for sure, but wow! The anime has surpassed all my expectations by far... (again - Bleach seem to be doing that a lot lately!). From being so IchiRuki in the earlier episodes to full-blown IchiHime supportive now, I keep having to remind myself to stop bouncing on my seat whenever I watch an episode now :D Yes, it's truly so wonderful... ^_^

1. The animation was amazing. Episode 144 and this latest episode definitely contain the best Bleach animations of the whole series (both full of IchiHime goodness *cackles*). I was shocked at how well the movements flowed in this episode (the fight... wow!) and how scarily versatile Grimmjaw's face was when he snarled XD. The amount of detail in Orihime's hair and its subsequent movement is also astounding... Pierrot earned themselves huuuge brownie points here. This isn't as much of a pivotal moment as Ep144, so I wonder why they spend so much effort :S

2. As well as fluid animation, the episode was directed very well too. Awesome, kickass fighting scenes (it had to be! Grimmjaw released!!) but I really didn't think they'd make the IchiHime romance(?) scene so moving. The soft music, the echo of Orihime's voice, and close-up of the tears... really, really gorgeous. It felt like a movie-clip, very cinematic and beautiful. And yes, I cried a little (just a little though) ^^; I'd say the anime has perhaps surpassed the manga on this scene (granted, the chinese scanlation was more touching than the english anyway). There was me sobbing into my little tissue... :)

Then again, filler arc coming up in a few weeks and maybe this is their attempt at soothing our discontent. Well, it's certainly helped a little... just a little though... I still haven't forgotten how dull the Bount arc was.

On a completely side-note, I'm sorry if I'm not replying to any journals. With vital exams coming up next month (and me still not understanding Maths!) I'm limiting myself to only flicking briefly through friends-pages and spending as little time online as I can. =( It's going to be a boring 2 months...

(might write another post later, haha, about KKM episode 80 XD)
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yaoiness_kokoroyaoiness_kokoro on April 16th, 2008 07:50 pm (UTC)
Lol, a bit of a bad time to be getting Bleach crazy, no?

Ha ha, I know what you mean. Only I also have three assignments to write on top of revising for exams. ;_;

Will not be reading your post about the KKM season 3 though as I have not seen it...(it's not out un Eng yet is it)...advance notice, lol.
雁: Bleachfalls_whisper on April 17th, 2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah... :( Maybe it's a good thing the filler arc is coming up soon :(

KKM ep80's out on utube!!! In english!! I think ep81 might be out too! :D:D Let's just say Season 3's started very Wolfram-centric ^______^ *happy*

Good luck with your assignments and exams (however horrible they are!) Let's both do our best :D